Bonnike searches and finds marketing –, communication- and media  professionals with guts, vision and stamina, for strategic positions in organisations. He links knowledge of the branch, experience and business acumen to human knowledge and persuasion. And also brings specific needs and skills together, he matches individuals and cultures.

Paul Bonnike is active for more than 30 years in the marketing- and communication field. During his career at several high profile communication agencies, he more and more professionalised in executive search, career planning and scouting of new talent. In 1998 he founded Bonnike Executive Recruitment.

“My speciality is finding and matching high flyers in the field of marketing, communication and media. Men and women who are always looking for progress and improvement. And are not afraid to initiate changes, expand boundaries and challenge existing conventions. I know who these people are. Where their strengths lie. What their ambitions are. And what motivates them.

The market in which I operate is dynamic and demands different solutions at different moments. I know exactly which solution is required at which moment. Due to my broad experience I not only know the players but also the playfield”.

“As I understand my clients and know what moves them, I am firstly their partner in the analysis of the assignment.  Which means that I have a clear and (sometimes) critical role when developing the job profile in which the ideal candidate needs to comply. Obviously I do not only look at the skills and knowledge of the candidate but also their character attributes, if the candidate fits within the corporate culture and if he or she is complementary to the rest of the team.

This can sometimes result into interesting solutions. That’s my strength:Linking individuals with organisations who at first hand maybe not seem suitable but in practice match perfectly. Whichever candidate I present, it will always be someone who can make the difference.”


Dulcie Septemberpad 73
1093 NK Amsterdam

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