Executive Recruitment

Bonnike constantly searches top professionals for assignments. Preferably with big innovative, inventive and creative capacity, in marketing, communication and media. Off course people who are presently job searching for a new challenge are more than welcome to contact Bonnike.

Bonnike however is also interested in getting in touch with people who are interested to make a career switch in the future and who want to spar with a professional advisor about what steps to take. If this is you: Call or mail.


Firstly Bonnike mediates seniors. Experienced professionals with management skills and in depth knowledge of their expertise. Professionals who take responsibility and have 8 to 10 years experience with proven results in marketing, communication and media. Bonnike mediates professionals for both marketing organisations and communication agencies.


To join Bonnike’s database, you need a good track record and have specific qualities. It’s important that you can combine your creativity with sense of business, conceptual vision and leadership. You should also have a healthy dose of ambition, a drive for innovation and be motivated to excel. For the record: your personal details will be treated confidentially.  Guaranteed. Your name remains anonymous till you meet the client.

Intrigued by the possibilities? Mail your resume!


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