Career compass

Sometimes you are at an intersection. Even though you seem to feel at home in your current job, you have this nagging feeling that you have to move on. Do you take that step now, or wait? And when taking that step: in which direction?

During these moments, a fresh vision on your capacities, experiences and interests, can help you enormously. Especially if it’s the vision of someone who oversees the market, knows the branch developments & trends. Someone who opens up his professional network to you. Resulting into a new direction of your career. E.g. a new discipline, a hearty talk with somebody from an adjacent professional network. Or even receive a concrete proposal for a new position.

Whatever the outcome might be, you definitely will have a new focus. Call Bonnike for an appointment.

Rates for the Career Compass.

“I always find a hidden treasure or a fascinating recurring theme in someone’s career. A treasure that can give you insight, focus and energy to determine a new course.”


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