Executive Recruitment

The cream of the crop, within their expertise. Those are the ones that Bonnike searches and finds. Professionals who can make a difference in strategic positions within your organisation.

To assure that you will get the right man or woman for the right job, Bonnike works with a specific approach that consists of a variety of steps. The approach is:

Candidate Profile

After the plan of action, Bonnike together with you, develops the candidate profile. Candidates will be assessed within this framework. Bonnike prefers to speak with key decision makers within your organisation to include relevant backgrounds in the profile document. This way we not only have clarity regarding the demands of the candidate, we also have clarity if the candidate fits within the culture of your organisation.

Candidate proposals

Within 4 weeks after agreement of the candidate profile, Bonnike will present a selection of top candidates to you.

Reference check

In consultation with the candidates, Bonnike makes a clear reference check. This concerns only relevant issues at this point, such as subjects that have a direct relation towards the position, the surroundings and the way of working. In some cases this can also concern certain personal elements.


Only when Bonnike is convinced of the right match, will he introduce the candidate(s). Discretion and integrity are needless to say. Bonnike also checks the references of each candidate. In first instance these are matters that have a direct relation towards the position, the surroundings and the way of functioning. In some cases it can also concern personal features.

Even if you know suitable candidates, Bonnike still can deliver added value to your search. He will advise you regarding the match between the candidate, the composed candidate profile and your organisation.

Furthermore Bonnike can mediate in an assessment prior to the definite decision.

Candidate evaluation

After 3 months and 6 months, Bonnike will have a frank evaluation with you as well as the candidate. Should there be any adjustments necessary, Bonnike will discuss these with you and the candidate. A plan of action will then follow.


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